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Welcome to Dove Beauty South Africa

In many cultures the symbol of the Dove represents tenderness and purity, hence the reason why our brand trademark is the Dove. South Africa’s number one cottonwool brand is soft, gentle and tender to the touch and 100% pure cotton, which is ideal when it comes to caring for delicate skin areas. Dove is trusted by millions of consumers countrywide to enhance their daily personal care regimes and beauty rituals. Dove products are specially crafted to ensure the ultimate in cosmetic, hygiene and baby care.

Our range of cottonwool products includes: cosmetic tips, buds, baby wands, round pads, rolls, pleats and puffs.

Among Dove’s range of cottonwool products, you’ll find something to satisfy every aspect of your personal care and beauty regimes. They’re all made from top-quality, 100% pure cottonwool, manufactured in an ultra hygienic environment, and designed to enhance those little rituals that are an integral part of your day.

Dove has recently introduced four new 100% pure cotton products across our three segments.

Hygiene range now offers the first 100% pure cotton hygiene wipes on the market;

Cosmetic range has introduced 100% pure cotton make-up remover wipes, which also remove waterproof mascara. Also introducing 100% pure cotton rounds in a travel pack of 30’s.

The Baby range now offers 100% pure cotton baby circles with extra softness to gently take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. They are softer from edge to edge.

To find out more about our Lil-lets range of feminine hygiene products, from pads and tampons to liners and feminine wipes, go to www.wearewomen.co.za.

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