Dove Arts and Crafts Tips

Cotton wool puff game

You will need:

A bag of cotton wool puffs
Couple of blindfolds.

1 Spread the cotton wool puffs on the floor and then blindfold two party guests.

2 Give them a spoon and a bowl and have them scoop up as many cotton wool puffs as they can and place them in their bowl.

3 Set a timer for one minute, the guest with the most cotton wool puffs in their bowl after 1 minute wins the game.

Flying cotton wool puffs

You will need:

Cotton wool puffs
Sling shot

1 When it's cold outside in the winter, or too hot in the summer to send your kids outside to play, hand them cotton wool puffs and a sling shot.

2 Let them run around shrieking like banshees and shoot each other. They are guaranteed to have loads of fun and no one will be able to complain they were hurt by these flying missiles.

Penguins made out of water bottles and cotton wool puffs

You will need:

Water bottle (plastic)
Cotton wool puffs
Googly Eyes
Feathers, buttons, sequins, pom poms or whatever you have handy
Black tape
Craft glue

1 Stuff the water bottles with cotton wool puffs.

2 Cap the filled bottle.

3 Decorate it make Penguins or Snow men or Ice Giants.

Cotton Bunny

You will need:

Cotton wool puffs
White card

1 Roll a chunk of cotton into a ball to make the bunny's head.

2 Cut out a pair of bunny ears from white card. Draw a long oval at the centre of each ear and colour it in.

3 Glue the ears on top of the bunny's head.

4 To make the bunny’s snout fluffier, roll cotton wisps into a pair of oval shapes and glue them at the bottom part of the face

5 Glue on a pair of eyes and a fluffy nose. Some suggested materials you can use, include: 1. Eyes – wiggle eyes, small buttons, beads, paper or felt cut-outs 2. Nose – pompom, round bead, button, paper rolled into a tiny ball

6 Create a body by taking a wad of cotton at least three times larger than the cotton chunk you used for the head and form it into a cloud or oval shape.

7 Glue the head onto the body.

8 Make a tiny cotton wool puff and glue it at the hind part of the body to make a cotton tail.

9 Form cotton into 4 sausage-shaped pieces to make the bunny's legs.

10 Lift the bunny and glue each pair of sausage-shaped cotton pieces under the body—a pair in front to make the front legs and a pair at the back for the hind legs

11 Allow the glue to dry completely.

Cotton wool LED clouds

You will need:

Some Hanging LED’s
A roll of cotton wool
Super Glue or Hot Glue gun
Cotton or nylon fishing line

1 Start with your cotton wool rolls. Fluff and tear them, the more irregular the better. You want them to look soft and dreamlike. They need to be light and wispy so that your led light will shine through them. Once you have lots of fluffy cotton pieces it is time to build them into your cloudy work of art.

2 Using the super glue or a Hot Glue gun you will be able to join the cotton wool pieces together. Try to piece them together organically, be at one with the cloud! When you have joined it all together you should have a realistic looking Cumulus cloud.

3 Now that you have a lovely fluffy looking cloud it’s time to add some heavenly illumination. Use white Christmas lights. We recommend using clear nylon so that when you hang this it will appear to be magically hovering in the sky. Turn the lights on and then push into the top of the cloud, it may take a bit of wriggling but you will be able to get the lights far enough into the cloud so that it lights up the cloud and can hold the weight of the wool

4 It’s Showtime - You now have your very own illuminated cloud, all you need to do now is find a suitable spot to hang it.

Cotton Wool Christmas Tree

You will need:

Cereal box
Hot glue
Cotton wool puffs
Sparkly glitter
Vintage buttons
Paint brush

1 Cut cereal box open and cut the front and back pieces into sloppy squares.

2 Then roll the cardboard in the shape of cones, and use hot glue to seal the last bit.

3 It is easier to roll the cardboard with the shiny side out.

4 Turn cone upside down, and trim what would be the bottom, to be relatively even.

5 One box equaled two trees.

6 Use hot glue to apply row by row of cotton wool puffs. Bottom to top.

7 Make sure to squeeze tight with both hands, after you apply each row.

8 For the top, shape a cotton ball like a Hershey's Kiss and glue it on.

9 Then squeeze tree more, so that as the glue cools you make sure the cotton wool puffs are firmly attached.

10 Once the trees are completed and sturdy, you can decorate.

11 Ideas used here was to make one coated in super sparkly glitter, and the other dotted with vintage buttons.

12 For the glittery tree, paintbrush was dunked in craft glue

13 Sprinkle heavily with glitter, and let it dry.

14 The other tree had a button in the center of every cotton wool puff.

15 You can use anything to decorate your tree.

Cotton wool rain cloud

You will need:

Cardboard (recycle a cereal box)
Blue cellophane
Cotton wool puffs

1 Cut cardboard into a cloud shape.

2 Cut cellophane into strips.

3 Glue the bottom of the cardboard and place the strips of cellophane on it.

4 Overlap the cellophane strips with more so it's a downpour rather than a shower!

5 On the same side, glue again and stick the cotton wool puffs all over the cloud, filling it.

Bunny mask

You will need:

Cotton wool – torn up
Sticky-backed pink felt (available from craft shops)
Double-sided tape
A straw
Single hole punch

1 Draw onto cardboard a bunny mask with extended sides and a bump for the nose.

2 Cut out, remove the eyes and stick on the pink felt in the centre of the ears. Cut the straw into half, then slice in half lengthways and cut four slits to near the end.

3 Have the children paint on the glue and cover the mask with cotton wool. Glue the “whiskers” into place on either side of the nose and use double-sided tape to fasten the two ends together around the child’s face.

4 Alternatively for a shorter mask, pierce holes on either side with the single hole punch and tie thin elastic to each hole to stretch over the child’s head.

Cotton wool Father Christmas face

You will need:

White card
Red tissue paper
Pink tissue paper
Flesh paper
Cotton wool balls

1 Draw a Santa face, onto card.

2 Rip up bits of flesh coloured paper and glue them to the face. You can use our photo as inspiration.

3 Crumple up little balls of tissue paper and stick them on for the mouth and hat.

4 Glue on cotton wool puffs as the beard and hat trim.

Clean your rubber stamps when card making and scrapbooking.

You will need:

Cosmetic Wipes

1 Clean your rubber stamps when card making and scrapbooking. You can also use a folded cosmetic wipe on a paper plate and add a few drops of different colors of ink from a re-inker and use the plate and wipe as your temporary stamp pad for a custom color mix.

Clean a chalkboard wall with cosmetic wipes.

You will need:

Cosmetic Wipes.

1 Clean a chalkboard wall with cosmetic wipes.

Remove pen, pencil, crayon and paint

You will need:

Cosmetic Wipes

1 Remove pen, pencil, crayon and paint with cosmetic wipes. Cleans most surfaces!