About our Hygiene Products

Dove offers a wide range of 100% pure cottonwool products for your everyday hygiene needs. From cottonwool pleats and puffs to rolls and buds, you can trust Dove for cleansing and first aid use for the whole family.

Gentle, soft and absorbent − that’s the Dove cottonwool tradition. The luxurious white puffs are made from 100% pure cotton ensuring that they remain your first choice in personal and beauty care. Dove cotton puffs are available in 80g bags.

Dove 100% pure cottonwool is also available in 50g bags of cleverly zigzagged pleats, conveniently perforated to minimise waste and enhance their integral role in your personal and beauty care regime. You’ll love the simple pleasure of tearing off just the right amount of cottonwool you need, neatly.

Beauty experts always emphasise the importance of treating delicate skin gently when applying or removing products, so as not to stretch or damage it. Dove’s 100% pure cottonwool rolls are gentle, soft and absorbent, making them the ideal partner in your cleansing ritual. Dove cottonwool rolls are packaged in 25g, 50g or 100g rolls.

Flexible, unbreakable stems and 100% pure cotton make Dove buds the gentlest of cleansers or applicators and a vital part of your personal and beauty care regime. You won’t want to travel without them! Dove cotton buds have these uses and many more. They are available in 100s bags or a handy tub, and in 200s bags for extra value.

The Dove hygiene range has expanded and now offers new 100% pure cotton hygiene wipes. The first and only 100% cotton wipe on the market for general purpose wiping and cleaning. Cotton hygiene wipes are available in 25’s at all leading retail stores.