About our Cosmetic Products

Have you ever spent precious minutes in front of the mirror applying your eyeshadow with painstaking precision, only to have it smudge? Or to discover that one side is darker than the other and the more you try to fix it the worse it gets? Dove’s pointed cosmetic tips are ideal for applying make-up and great at removing it too. In addition, the flattened sides are fabulous for blending and neatening eyeshadow. Dove’s 100% pure cotton, double-sided tips are perfect when cleansing around the delicate eye area or putting the finishing touches to a salon-perfect manicure. Each tub contains 72 cosmetic tips.

Dove’s dual-textured, 100% pure cotton pads are shaped and designed to make your personal and beauty care routines fuss-free. Their perfect round shape feels good to hold and they have no straggly fibres. What’s more, Dove’s 100% pure cotton pads boast a two-in-one, cleansing and exfoliating benefit. They’re available in a drawstring bag of 80 cottonwool pads (rounds).

The Dove cosmetic range has expanded and now offers the new 100% pure cotton make-up remover wipes. The first and only 100% cotton wipe on the market, which removes make-up and waterproof mascara. Also introducing cotton rounds, in a more affordable on-the-go pack of 30’s.