About our Baby Products

Having a baby is a special time for both mother and Baby. To make sure that you enjoy this time, Dove offers soft 100% pure cottonwool products especially designed to give your baby the gentle care it deserves.

The luxurious white baby clouds are made from 100% pure cotton and are 25% bigger ensuring that they remain your first choice, for gentle care from top to bottom. Dove cotton puffs are available in 60g bags.

Flexible, unbreakable stems and 100% pure cotton wands make Dove Baby buds the gentlest of cleansers or applicators and a vital part of your baby care regime. For careful cleaning of the sensitive outer ear area, Dove cotton wands are the answer. They’re packed in handy 80s tubs.

The Dove baby range has expanded and now offers new 100% pure cotton baby circles with extra softness to gently take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. Baby circles are available in 80’s at all leading retail stores.